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Application Heating Film_1
  • Size : 1500mm x 2100mm
  • Power consumption : 300W/H
  • Our wooden style mat is made of H.D.F. (High Density Fibreboard) is extremely hard and moisture resistant. Also known for antibacterial, deodorizing and temperature regulation.

Application Heating Film_2
  • Size : SINGLE┃950mm x 2000mm
             DOUBLE┃1400mm x 2000mm
  • Power consumption : 160W/320W
  • Our bed pad regulate you temperature while you sleep or lay down and provides protection against bacterial and oders. The bod pad offers anti-microbial, anti-order and anti-static. With our heating film the pad provide you with Safe, high-level protection from bacteria, fungi and oder. The pad can help eliminate odor-causing bacteria and germs.
  • Changes: oders – odors
                   bod – bed
                   oder –odor

Application Heating Film_3
  • Size : 1120mm x 1010mm x 1880mm
  • Power consumption : 2.5KW
  • Our infrared sauna has the benefits of the sun without the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. The saunas heat penetration of a body up to 1 ¾ inches. There is numbers of potential Health benefits like, Weight loss, Detoxification, Cardiovascular Health, joints pain relief and Anti-aging. The unit usages less than 20% of the energy to heat the air molecules and 80% of the heating energy to the body.

Application Heating Film_4
  • Size : (S) 4200mm x 2050mm, (L) 6200mm x 2050mm
  • Temperature : Normal temperature ~ 55℃
  • Power : 3.2KW/h, Max. dry capacity for one time: 250KG
  • The dehydration of Fruits, Vegetable and for meats. The unit can be used indoor and outdoor at any temperature. By utilizing the IR (Infrared) the process is done within hours and also energy efficient without the loss of the nutrients.

Application Heating Film_5
  • Size : (S)400mm x 400mm, (L)500mm x 600mm
  • Power consumption : (S)25W+10%, (L)35W+10%
  • Seat cushion for the office, at home and outdoor area. The cushion is very soft and durable can be used for anywhere a heated seating is needed. We offer 2 sizes for your needs.

※ Color and shape may differ from picture shown.

Application Heating Film_6
  • Size : 230mm x 1145mm
  • Power consumption : 17W+10%
  • This unit is Portable and light. This unit can be used for any small minor area like, abdomen, waist, back or knee joints where penetrating heat is needed for minor aches and pain.

※ Color and shape may differ from picture shown.

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