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Underfloor Heating Film_1
Model Name OPF220-M1 OPF110-M1,OPF110-M2
Rated Voltage 205~240V 110~120V
Rated Amp. 0.958~1.120A /M± 10% 1.917~2.090A/M± 10%
Power output 230W /M± 10% 230W /M±10%

  • Size : 1m(50cm*2)*100m/1roll.
  • Materials : PET, PET nonwoven Fabric, Carbon, Adhesive, Copper Bars
  • Features : 45mm (1/60”) thickens, which is thin and durable. Can be us to install with 110v or 220v. Available with extra non-woven fabric on the exterior side for installation to tile,
  • Temperature : Below 60 ℃
  • Usage : Underfloor heating, such as under Carpet, wood, vinyl floor covering, tents and Towel Driers.

Underfloor Heating Film_2

Underfloor Heating Film_3

  • A. wiring diagram for Model no. OPF220-M1, OPF110-M1

    Underfloor Heating Film_4

  • B. wiring diagram for Model no. OPF110-M2

    Underfloor Heating Film_5

  • Warranty

The Ondolia Heat Film system standard warranty is 2 years and 1year for thermostat from the date of purpose. Extended Warranty can be purchased for the Underfloor heating film only, by completing the "EXTENDED WARRANTY FORM" from within 30 days of purchase. [Extended warranty period will vary from models.]

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