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carbon film heater overview

* Economical efficiency : acquiring calorie using weak electricity energy Energy filed technology (carbon use) Infrared ray

* Diverse applications : soil warming to accelerate seedlings, also mushrooms, and flowers. Ondolia Heat Panels can warm dairy supplies, provide warmth for stock raising, and work with construction, health, food processing, and so on.

Carbon film heater overview_2

Ondolia Underfloor Heating film uses low electricity to create a high thermal heating by means of electric resistance. This new innovation technology of Underfloor heating film is for the future. Ondolia Heating films are use in farming application, Seed Germination, Human health benefits, food processing and live stocks. Our product can be useful where a heating application is need.

Carbon film heater overview_3
  • Sectional structure
  • Red: carbon resistive film which provides heat
  • Blue: insulating materials to safely contain the electricity and to keep the shape of the film.
  • Yellow brown: secondary insulation to insure safety
  • The outsider color can be changed to meet customers
  • Carbon Compound

The usage of Carbon Compounds is easy to handle and also has the following characteristics:

  • Is good all sort for health
  • emits Far Infrared rays
  • Good Heating source
  • Able to absorb Electrical Waves
  • Controls the humidity in used areas
  • Eliminates Bacteria causing germs
  • Removes an offensive odor
  • Plane
Carbon film heater overview_4
  • When only half width is wanted, the material can be cut to suit.
  • The material can be cut to fit any area, providing power saving.
  • Electricity goes through green area but heat is not generated there.
  • Electricity doesn’t go through the white area and heat is not generated there.

  • Accelerated Seeding Growth: Ondolia heater panels buried in the soil accelerates seeding such as rice, vegetables, and so on.
  • Drying: The sterilizing effect of infrared provides an original form restoration rate of 80% - excellent for drying agricultural products such as pepper, rice and so on, as well as medical ingredients, and seafood.
  • Mushroom Growth Accelerator: Ondolia heating panels are used in mushroom farms where temperature should be kept around 18 Celsius. Thermostat controlled heaters provide tight control.
  • Stock Raising: Underfloor heating film will keep the temperature of a stock farm at the proper level to stimulate egg lying and facilitate growth and development.
  • Bedding: Ondolia Underfloor heating film provides healthy bedding and heated sitting mat, because 88.7% of the heat is infrared.
  • Construction: Ondolia Underfloor heating film is used for ceiling heating China and other countries. It is a preferred heating material for buildings in many countries.
  • Food Heating: Film heaters provide excellent flavor and taste when processing foods at home through roasting and broiling.

  • Substitute for oil boilers to keep costs low as oil priced rise.
  • Compact and efficient compared to other heaters.
  • Increase in health and life span due to infrared radiation.
  • Protects environment through heating efficiency.
  • Great improvement in body comfort due to high infrared ray emission
  • Used as a high-functional raw materials.

Section Night power
(Storage type)
Electrical panel City Gas Boiler LGP Film Heater
Unit Price 31.24/kw 68.6/kw 500/sq.M 650/per liter 950 68.6/kw
1 pyeong 192/kw 167/kw 13 sq.M 17 liter n/a 69.3/kw
Per pyeong price 5,998 11,456 6,500 11,050 11,400 4,754
10 pyeong price 59,980 114,560 65,000 114,560 114,000 47,549

※ Test Condition: (1 pyeong = 3.3sq.M)

  • Time period: 30 days, 8 hours per day.
  • Test result may vary depend on the installation and the area of space.
  • Room temperature maintain at 22 degrees Celsius and outside temperature at 0 degrees Celsius.
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